Patriots Run By Quakers on GA-PC Day

PHILADELPHIA — When Germantown Academy and Penn Charter met earlier this year to race, it was the Quakers that came away with a win. However, the Patriots were missing a few key members of their team during that meeting.

On GA-PC Day, the Patriots were back at full strength and it showed. The Patriots defeated Penn Charter, 27-30.

Almost every GA runner finished with a PR.

“Issy Goldstein ’20 really pushed Emma [Zwall of PC] for much of the course, and turned in a 43 second PR,” Head Coach Judy Krouse said in an email. “Anna Hennessey ’18 ran an amazing race with a 1:38 PR.”

Krouse also said that she was very proud of the team for finishing the season on such a high note, and that they will “really miss” the seniors–Kelsey O’Hara, Hennessey, Jackie DeRusso, Sydney Sciascia and Grace Rittenhouse.

Top 10:

  1. Emma Zwall, PC 17:56
  2. Issy Goldstein, GA 18:25
  3. Anna Hennessy, GA 19:26
  4. Abby Zwall, PC 19:32
  5. Kelsey O’Hara, GA 19:36
  6. Mary McDavid, PC 19:52
  7. Sophie Solomon, PC 20:25
  8. Gianna Murgia, GA 20:37
  9. Charlotte Rapp, GA 21:04
  10. Gabby Manosis, GA 20:37

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