Fleckman Sees Growth, Progress After Ninth-Place Finish in Georgia

ATLANTA — Wrestlers from Germantown Academy have already made trips to Ohio and Delaware this season, and now they can add Georgia to that list. From Dec. 29 to Dec. 30, a total of 10 student-athletes travelled to Atlanta to participate in The Prep Slam X. The trip yielded success for the Patriots, who had four place winners in as many weight classes and finished ninth overall out of 45 teams.

Out of the 10 wrestlers that GA brought to the tournament, nine of them earned at least one win. That list included several younger athletes who were in the Varsity line-up for the first time this season.

In addition to the success at the tournament, the trip to Atlanta also brought learning opportunities.

“This tournament was more than a competition for us, it really was an experience,” Head Coach Solomon Fleckman said in an email. “We took our time driving down to the tournament over two days and trained in a couple different facilities, meeting a variety of wrestlers and coaches along the way. Without a doubt, it was healthy for us to get out of our usual routines and see a different part of the country so that we could gauge just how we measure up against the competition from the South that will be at the National Preps in about eight weeks from now. The good news is that we fared well overall.”

While almost everyone earned one victory, some performed better than others and became place winners.

Christopher Kim ’20 took first place at 106 pounds and was named Outstanding Wrestler among all the lightweights. Kim only had two matches — the semifinal and the final — last longer than two minutes. That performance comes on the heels of a top-10 finish at The Beast of the East tournament.

Brandon Seidman ’18 finished second in the 113 weight class. His final match was a tight one that saw his opponent win by decision, 3-2.

Rounding out the place winners were freshmen Christian Colman ’21 and Sami Cerebe ’21, who took fourth in the 126 and 160 weight class respectively.

“Overall, this was a fantastic journey for us at this point in the season,” Fleckman said in an email. “We learned valuable lessons and were able to see tangible signs of growth and progress, too.”

The next time the Patriots will be on the mats will be Jan. 5 at 6:00 p.m., when they take on Springside Chestnut Hill Academy on the road.

Match by match results


Christopher Kim (GA) F Sean Flick (St. Anthony’s High School), 1:12

Christopher Kim (GA) TF Josh Noble (Mt. Pisgah Christian), 15-0 1:44

Christopher Kim (GA) F Luke Hart (St. Christopher’s School), 1:59

Christopher Kim (GA) F Stafford Agee (Holy Cross High School), 0:08

Christopher Kim (GA) F Niko Provo (Green Farms Academy), 4:58

Christopher Kim (GA) TF Erik Roggie (St. Christopher’s School), 16-0 5:25


Brandon Seidman (GA) DEC Tommy Szilagyi (St. Anthony’s High School), 9-2

Brandon Seidman (GA) MD Caruso Signorelli (Holy Cross High School), 15-3

Brandon Seidman (GA) F Connor Oviedo (St. Paul’s School), 3:10

Blair Orr (Episcopal Academy) DEC Brandon Seidman (GA), 3-2


Preston Maucere (St. Anthony’s High School) DEC Mark Fasciocco (GA), 6-0

Matthew Cha (The Westminster Schools) DEC Jibrael Moore (GA), 11-8 SV


Christian Colman (GA) F Sebastian Jimenez (St. John’s School Houston), 3:01

Christian Colman (GA) F Judd Pankey (Bishop Lynch High School), 2:44

Christian Colman (GA) DEC William Mcgill (Jesuit High School – Tampa), 7-0

Dalton Blankenship (Darlington School) DEC Christian Colman (GA), 4-2

Christian Colman (GA) DEC Luke Eccles (Jesuit High School – New Orleans), 8-3

Mason Dubois (St. Christopher’s School) DEC Christian Colman (GA), 5-3


Jack Polhemus (The Westminster Schools) F Deon Savage (GA), 2:32


Dante Gutbrod (Middlesex School) F Mike Roman (GA), 2:41

Harrison Sousa (Gonzaga College High School) DEC Don Ganges (GA), 4-2


Sami Cerebe (GA) MD Frank Houser (Pace Academy), 13-4

Sami Cerebe (GA) MD David Cowan (Charlotte Latin School), 14-1

Sami Cerebe (GA) F Evan Ulfers (St. Paul’s School), 2:50

Mason Reiniche (Baylor School) F Sami Cerebe (GA), 0:45

Sami Cerebe (GA) DEC Seth Alfonso (Brother Martin High School), 8-1

Hunter Balk (Trinity Christian Academy) DEC Sami Cerebe (GA), 3-2


Aj Douogih (Gonzaga College High School) FOR Drew Sandifer (GA)


Harrison Levans (GA) DEC Andre Mortenson (Jesuit High School – Tampa), 2-0

Noah Swift (Mt. Pisgah Christian) F Harrison Levans (GA), 3:53


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