Andrew Miao, GA Looking For Postseason Success

PHOENIXVILLE — Germantown Academy’s ice hockey team has boasted an impressive offensive attack all season long. The group averages about five goals per game, but has topped that number four times this year on their way to a 10-0 Inter-Ac League record. They also have six of the top-ten point scorers in the Inter-Ac, with Mark Dobson ’20, Andrew Miao ’18 and Parker Chisholm ’21 making up the top three.

However, with the postseason beginning on Feb. 13, those impressive numbers will not mean much if the team ends the season empty handed. Miao has seen it all before.

“The last two years we’ve lost in the championship,” Miao said. “It would mean the world [to win this year]. Having lost the past couple of years kind of stinks. It’s all been leading up to his moment and bring one home.”

If that is to happen, the senior will be a large part of it. Miao’s eight goals rank fourth on the team, but his game does not end there. He is also tied for second on the team with nine assists.

Whether he’s finding the back of the net or helping a teammate find it, the forward is always making plays. Head Coach John Fields raved about Miao’s ability on the ice.

“He’s just a leader,” Fields said. “When the puck gets on his stick and he starts skating, nobody can stop him. There’s not a kid in the league big enough or strong enough to stop him when he puts his mind to it. He’s just a great person.”

While Fields views Miao as a main component to the team, the senior had a slightly simpler way to describe his style of play.

“I think I’m more of a game manager,” Miao said. “I think I can lead the team. I think I’m an all-purpose type of player. It comes with experience. Having played four years, I kind of know how the game works now and I can start teaching the younger players how to go about themselves in the game.”

That “all-purpose” type of performance showed in Germantown Academy’s most recent win, a 4-0 result against Episcopal Academy on Feb. 6. In that game, Miao assisted on the opening goal and scored one later in the second period. However, what may have been most impressive was the way he handled himself.

Going into the game, Fields knew things would get aggressive. That proved to be the case as Miao took hit after hit from the Churchmen defenders. Rather than retaliating and facing time in the penalty box, Miao kept at his game and when the time was right, landed a crushing — and legal — hit on an Episcopal player.

It is plays like those that make players follow Miao. Fields says that when he sets the tone, teammates see it and know that they have to turn it up as well. That is Miao’s way of leading, according to Fields.

“He leads by example” Fields said. “I don’t think I’ve heard Andrew say five words in four years. He’s a quiet, modest guy, but the kids follow him. I’ve told him that all year. He’s got to go out and set the tone and he’s been doing it.”

Miao and the rest of the Patriots will have their opportunity to continue their season when they play on Feb. 13. They do not currently know who they will be playing, but they are feeling good entering the game.

“We are confident,” Fields said. “But like I just told the team, we were 10-0 last year and we haven’t won anything yet.”


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